Content Management System (CMS) is a type of dynamic website that allows you to add/edit/delete text and pages on your website without needing to ask us to change pages for you, and without needing to learn how to create HTML pages or upload/download from your server. Using a content management system can be as simple as typing a document into Microsoft Word - you enter text, select fonts, bold, italic and other styles. You can even insert tables and images.Our system makes sure everything you add in is displayed with your standard website design layout, and that everything is linked together correctly.

What we do

Magiccodz is one of the foremost offshore service providers offering a range of web designing and development services to organizations across the world. Its our constant endavour to continue being the leader in providing client based customized web designing, web development, customized software development, SEO and content solutions and services. Our programming team evaluates the provided design and requirements artifacts and will interact with the client for seeking clarification and setting expectations. Our dedicated team of professionals is well versed in the art of customization.