Live Stream Applications

If you need to broadcast your event or wedding or company or anything live to any device, Magiccodz helps to Livestream your needs

A fully customizable application or API includes the ingredients you need to develop a customized experience. You can Build rich, embedded communications experiences with any combination of: Video, Voice, Messaging and Screen sharing.

The plaform features includes
 Archiving - Easily record live calls for later playback.
 iOS and Android SDKs - Fully interoperable mobile and web SDKs.
 Multi-party Calls - Optimized and reliable multi-party calls for large groups or broadcast.
 Text Chat - Add native text chat without third party plugins.
 Security - Encrypted media and signaling.
 Video - Industry leading, feature rich video calls.
 Voice - Powerful integrated voice experiences.
 Messaging - Go beyond traditional text chat.
 Screen Sharing - Conversations within context.

From web to mobile, Magiccodz can create Live Stream apps and services for all your devices.

What we do

Magiccodz is one of the foremost offshore service providers offering a range of web designing and development services to organizations across the world. Its our constant endavour to continue being the leader in providing client based customized web designing, web development, customized software development, SEO and content solutions and services. Our programming team evaluates the provided design and requirements artifacts and will interact with the client for seeking clarification and setting expectations. Our dedicated team of professionals is well versed in the art of customization.